Ridge Rite simplifies the details of dormer construction and more

Ridge-Rite software eliminates all guess and "by-golly" work from dormer construction: it provides the carpenter with complete layout and cutting details for all associated rafters, fascia and rake ladder parts and sheathing from your layout choice. Dedicating a few planning minutes entering prompted information detailed from plans and shop drawings, a carpenters most difficult task, becomes a routine most any carpenter can complete, and unlocks a door to advanced framing practices that enhance safety, save time, and reduces waste.

Guarantees Accuracy of the Dormer

The calculated dormers are with 100%
accuracy. You will quickly acquire practices that control this accuracy into your methods.

Enhances Jobsite Safety

70% of elevated man time can be removed.

Significantly Reduces Labor Cost

A 50% reduction in man-hours happens
as layout plans and cut dimensions are provided.

Controls and Reduces Waste

You choose the sheathing layout that
accommodates your construction needs and waste control.

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